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Car Tint Technical Specifications
Nano Ceramic Line
Global Window Films
Ceramic QD+

Global Window Films
Nano Ceramic Automotive Glass Tint
Technical Specifications

Wholesale Tint Distribution Centers in St. Louis, MO & Houston, TX for Window Tinting Material

Global Window Films Premium Series
Nano Ceramic QDP Car Tint
Window Film Technical Specifications

                      Solar Energy               Visible Light                                                                                  NIR

Product                     T          A         R         T          A         Int R    Ext R   UVR     SC       SHGC    TSER     @1025 nm  Shade

Ceramic QDP   4      17        77        6          4          91        6          6          99         0.44     0.37        65           80%     Dark Shade

Ceramic QDP 18      23        71        6          18        76        6          6          99         0.49     0.42        59           80%     Medium Shade

Ceramic QDP 33      29        65        6          33        61        6          6          99         0.54     0.46        54           80%     Light Shade

Ceramic QDP 42      34        59        7          42        51        7          7          99         0.58     0.49        52           79%     Light Shade

Ceramic QDP 50      32        62        6          51        42        7          7          99         0.56     0.44        51           90%     Light Shade


Ceramic 70                47        43        10        69        20        11        11        99         0.62     0.53        46           80%     Very Light Shade

Crystal  Clear 85      50        41        9          84        8          9          9          99         0.75     0.64        35           45%     Transparent Shade

Nano Ceramic tints distributed by Solar Control Films with distribution centers in Saint Louis, Missouri & Houston, Texas.  The Ceramic QDP is manufactured by Global Window Films, the most vertically integrated manufacturer in the industry.  Only Global makes all of their raw material.

Save Energy with glass coatings from Nano Ceramic & SCF.

The best car tint in the industry

Shades Of Car Tint:  5% Dark Shade to 70% Clear Shade (Visible Light Transmission VLT)

LifeTime Auto Warranty
Call your tint supplier now for more information on a local tinter that applies GWF factory backed life time warranty window films, auto tint, from Solar Control:  866.973.FILM (3456) or local at 314.993.TINT (8468)

Do you want to make your business grow, thrive and prosper?

Your reputation is on the line with every car you tint.  Your best marketing tool is the referral business that comes from long term satisfied customers.  If you are serious about growing your company, you need to be using the most durable & reliable products in the marketplace.

Global Window Films is the only 100% vertically integrated manufacturer in the car tint industry today. These films are produced from the molecular level by a team of petrochemical engineers that know far more about polyester film than any other competing manufacturer.  The result is a product that has earned a positive reputation in the market for consistency, reliability and long term durability.

Get in touch with Solar Control Films today and start feeling more confident in the work you are turning out.  Your customers will be glad to know that you care enough to install the very best film available anywhere in the world.

Houston Distribution Center
Texas Film Supply
Distributor for:  Global Window Films

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