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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day, Cool Mom Off
If your mom is hot, cool her off with window film.  We have the right window films and shade of films for whatever your mom's needs are.  She'll be happy & stay cool all summer long with films from us.
10:58 am est

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

When Only The Best Will Do
You spend a lot of time in your car and you want the best for your car and you.

Ceramic Xtreme car tint is the best film in the market that rejects the heat.  There is no film with better quality. 

When you want the best tint, contact us.  We'll tell you where a local tinter in your area carries the best window film in the industry.

Stay Cool!
12:12 pm est

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Waverly Ohio Car Tinting Services
Tracy has opened up her new tint shop in Waverly, Ohio, called Tint By Tracy.  She has been tinting for 20 years and now offers mobil car tinting services.  Call her to schedule your appointment at 740.947.1782.
9:12 pm est

Don't Squint, Get Tint!
Stop that squinting while you are driving your car!  Don't you know that will cause you to get wrinkles.  Is the glare annoying you?  Get the right car tint and stop the squinting.

Window film will have you love your car even more.
8:51 pm est

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Classic Limo Tint Specs - Dark Car Tint
If you need the tint specs for the classic non reflective limo tint, we have posted them on the website at this link:  QD+ 5% Classic Limo Car Tint.

It's a beautiful tint that gives you the privacy that you desire and stops the glare.  One of the best glare reduction window films where 96% of the glare is stopped.  You can't get any darker automotive film.
12:01 pm est

Happy Hump Day!
It's Hump Day!

Everyone have a fantastic day!
11:42 am est

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Global Window Films Quick Dry Plus 70%
We now have the very transparent Quick Dry Plus 70% in stock.  This light film is virtually transparent. 

Stay tuned for the technical specs that are forthcoming...
12:24 pm est

Weather is warming up!
The weather is warming up and tint is moving out of the warehouse.  Solar Control Films is offering a special on 20" rolls of car tint.  Call for more information.

When your customers car needs the best film, Global Window Films is the best in the industry and Ceramic QDP auto tint is king.
12:05 pm est

Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Morning
We spent the weekend in Ft. Worth Texas and talked with our customers that are loving the Ceramic QDP Film Series.  The Texas heat is strong and they need films that will last and keep their customers cool.

When you need the best, Ceramic QDP is the car tint for you.  We have updloaded the technical specifications for Ceramic QDP 42% light car tint for you.

Ceramic QD+ 42 Auto Tint Tech Specs

Solar Transmittance                        34%

Solar Absorbance                             59%

Solar Reflectance                             7%

Visible Light Transmittance          42%

Visible Light Reflectance (Ext)      7%

Visible Light Reflectance (Int)       7%

Ultraviolet Transmittance           <1%

Shading Coefficient (SC)                .58

Glare Reduction                             58%

Infra Red heat Rejected                 80%

Total Solar Energy Rejected        53%

The Ceramic QDP 42% is one of the more popular shades of film to pass state tint laws that have require 35 of lighter.  This is a light shade film that rejects a lot of radiant heat & TSER is 53%!

The light car tint is manufactured by Global Window Films, the most vertically integrated window film manufacturer in the industy and the best tint!

11:13 am est

Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Friday
TGIF, it's Friday!

Everyone have a great weekend!

10:23 am est

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ceramic QDP 18% Specs Medium Shade
Ceramic QDP 18% technical specifications show how these films block 85% of the radiant heat and 62% of the total heat (TSER).  Made by Global Window Films, the best tint in the industry!  Stay cool with Ceramic QDP 18.

Ceramic QDP  18 Auto Tint Tech Specs
Medium Shade

Solar Transmittance                      23%

Solar Absorbance                          71%

Solar Reflectance                          6%

Visible Light Transmittance          18%

Visible Light Reflectance (Ext)      6%

Visible Light Reflectance (Int)       6%

Ultraviolet Transmittance           <1%

Glare Reduction                             82%

Infra Red heat Rejected                 85%

Total Solar Energy Rejected        62%

Shades Of Global Car Tint:  5% Dark VLT to 50% Light VLT.  Ceramic QDP comes in the following shades of window film:  4% Dark Shade, 18% Medium, 33% Clear, 42% Clear & 50% Clear.

Ceramic QDP Series is the best car tint in the industry.  Your car deserves the best.
11:26 am est

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Texas Car Tint Law 25% VLT For Driver's Window
Currently, the Texas Tint Law for driver's window is not net 25% Visible Light Transmittance (VLT).  The requires that a lighter film than 25% needs to be added because when window film is added to slightly tinted auto glass, it will get darker.  And car windows are trending to be slightly darker over the past few years.

Thus, when we developed our new line of ceramic car tint, we developed the 33% Shade of ceramic tint so that they should pass state inspection (always depends on how dark car glass is to start).  Our ceramic 33% is the best auto tint in the industry.  The specs are the folllowing:

Texas Car Tint Law requires 25% of the light to pass through the driver's window. Florida Tint Law has the same 25% VLT requirement. When we developed the best ceramic car tint; produced the Ceramic 33% to the right shade so that when it's applied to the driver's car window, it should pass the 25% shade law.

Car glass already has a shade to it, that's why you need tint slightly lighter than the law. When window film is applied to glass, it will get slightly darker due to the tone of the glass.

Ceramic 33 Auto Tint Tech Specs

Solar Transmittance 29%
Solar Absorbance 65%
Solar Reflectance 6%

Visible Light Transmittance 33%
Visible Light Reflectance (Ext) 6%
Visible Light Reflectance (Int) 6%

Ultraviolet Transmittance <1%
Shading Coefficient (SC) .54
Glare Reduction 67%
Infra Red heat Rejected 80%

Total Solar Energy Rejected 58%

The Ceramic QDP premium film is the best car tint in the industry.  The shades in the Ceramic include:  4% Shade, 18% Shade, 33% Shade, 42% Shade and 50% Shade.
10:58 am est

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ceramic 4% Technical Specifications

Ceramic 4 Auto Tint Tech Specs

Solar Transmittance                      17%

Solar Absorbance                          77%

Solar Reflectance                           6%

Visible Light Transmittance          4%

Visible Light Reflectance (Ext)      6%

Visible Light Reflectance (Int)      6%

Ultraviolet Transmittance           <1%

Glare Reduction                              97%

Infra Red heat Rejected                 85%

Total Solar Energy Rejected        66%

The Ceramic 4 is the best car tint in the industry.

5:33 pm est

5% Dark Shade Film Pic
Here is a pic that shows a 5% shade of window film.

Let us know if you have any questions:
5:31 pm est

Ceramic Car Tint 50% Shade Technical Specifications
The techncial specifications for the new Ceramic QD+ 50% are the following:

Ceramic QDP 50 Auto Tint Tech Specs - Transparent Car Tint

Solar Transmittance                32%

Solar Absorbance                   62%

Solar Reflectance                     6%

Visible Light Transmittance     51%

Visible Light Reflectance (Ext)      7%

Visible Light Reflectance (Int )      7%

Ultraviolet Transmittance         <1%

Shading Coefficient (SC)              .56

Glare Reduction                          44%

Infra Red heat Rejected               80%

Total Solar Energy Rejected   51%

Car Tint Shade Light 50% Clear
This is a clear window film that lets you keep your view but blocks the harmful UV light and stops the radiant heat.  The ceramic series films are the best car tint in the market.  Global Window Films is the premier manufacturer of window film where they are the only factory in the industry that makes their own raw material.  GWF starts with oil and turns that into PET.  They extrude PET chips into raw material polyster and convert & laminate that into premium car tint.

Extra UV inhibitors are added into the manufacturing process to make the film color stable and the longest life in the industry.  All of Global Window Films Tint is guaranteed to NEVER FADE PURPLE.  Car tint lines include:  NR QDP, HP Charcoal and Ceramic QDP.

2:25 pm est

Monday, February 17, 2014

Car Ceramic Series Adds More Shades of Film
We have added more shades to our premium line of ceramic car tint.  These heat blocking films are available in 42% and 50% shades whic are more clear.  So you can lighten up with these films, block the heat and stay cool.
5:19 pm est

Cool in the Midwest & Warm in Texas
It's warming up in Texas.

Still cool in the Midwest.  Ok, it's cold.  But tax season is upon us and the tint business is getting busy.
11:09 am est

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

White Matte Window Film
White matte window film is a great way to add privacy when you don't want people to see inside.  This film gives glass windows a "sand blast" look.  These home deco films are great for bathroom windows.
11:57 am est

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Keep Mom Cool & Proetect Her Skin By Blocking UV Rays
This mother's day why don't you do something more unique to protect your mom?  Have her car tinted or home windows installed with a UV blocking tint.  Auto and home tints will block 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays to help protect her skin.

Tint does not have to be dark to be effective.  Check out our new ceramic lines of window films that are virtually transparent but still block UV.  Clear 85, Ceramic 70 & Ceramic 50 are all great transparent glass coatings that will block the heat & UV; but remain clear for easy visibility.  It's insulation for your glass.
10:22 am est

New Auto Ceramic Tint Has Arrived
Solar Control Films has just launched a new line of automotive ceramic tint for your car, truck and suv.  These films come in a super limo dark 3%, 18%, 33% and 42%.

The window film techincal specifications include:

Film            VLT     Energy Rejected    UV Rejected

Ceramic 4     4%     68%             >99%

Ceramic 18  18%    62%             >99%

Ceramic 33  33%    58%             >99%

Ceramic 40  40%    53%             >99%

Call your tint supplier at 314.993.8468 to find out more information on how to cool off.

9:10 am est

Friday, January 20, 2012

New Daydream Window Film Introduced
Solar Control Films is launching the new Daydream series of window films which is a dual reflective brownish hue film that looks great with fantastic performance.  Daydream is available in 15%, 25% & 35% VLT's.  Call for more information.

And congratulations to our Texas facility that just moved into their 15,000 square foot warehouse.  SCF Texas distributes film to the Southern United States that includes Mississippi, Georgia, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas.
5:58 pm est

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