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Premium Quality Window Films

Distributed by Solar Control Films Central Mid Atlantic & Midwest include:

  • Heat blocking architectural & safety laminates
  • Automotive window films & decorative glass coatings
  • Home Tint
  • Car Tint

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Solar Control Films Central (SCF) services the Mid Atlantic states & the Midwest.  SCF, is owned & operated by the leading wholesale supplier of architectural window film, home tint and car tint.  The owners of Solar Control Films have been in the laminate & glass coatings industry since 1996 selling premium quality residential, commercial, safety, and automotive tint along with tinting tools to professional solar control specialist and tinters.

SCF has the best automotive films in the market that out perform all other car tint.  The new super premium line of car tint includes Ceramic QDP.

Life time warranty film that blocks the radiant heat, stops the UV rays, enhances the look, conserves energy and keeps you cool are supplied by SCF.  Solar Control is based in Saint Louis, Missouri with 5,000 square feet of window film and tinting tools with another 15,000 square foot warehouse in Texas.  SCF Central is the only Saint Louis based distributor of window film.  Call your solar control specialist to find the right glass coating supplied & auto tint that fit your needs.

SCF Central is the warehouse for solar control specialist, tinters & professional window film installers.

Solar Control Film's line of  American Architectural Standard Window Film produces a full line of window films for the automotive, residential, commercial, designer & safety markets. SCF's supplier draws from vast experience in window film manufacturing, their manufacturing machinery was customized for increased production efficiency, faster turnaround times and greater cleanliness resulting in superior product quality offered at a competitive price. 

utomotive films have excellent shrink characteristics and are designed to be installer friendly. Solar Control and Global also offer an extensive line of window films for the architectural market that block the heat, stop the UV, reduce glare, conserve energy & keep you cool.

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Products & Services:

  • Window Film Supplier: 
  • Architectural Rolls: 36", 48", 60", 72"
  • Automotive Tint 20", 24", 36", 40", 60", 72"
    • High Performance HP & Non Reflective NR
  • Shatter Resistant Safety Laminates
  • Decorative Glass Coatings
  • Tinting Tools & Supplies
  • Automotive Tint Training School
  • Energy Audits: Office & Home
  • Olfa Blades, Squeegees, Conqueror
  • Home Tint
  • Safety & UV Gard
  • Ceramic Car Tint
  • Anti-Graffiti Laminates
  • Architectural Films: Made In America

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